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    Us Blackscreen

    How to Upgrade Safely to 4.2U - All is Brawl forums

    I used this guide to bring my wii from moded 4.1 to moded 4.2
    i did everything exactly like in the guide
    and now when i start my wii i dont even have the preloader menu any more but i have a black screen which says 4.2 and the bottom right!
    what happenend, what did i do wrong, can someone please help me.

    thanks a lot for your help


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    I just looked at that guide and it's beyond fail. Hold reset when you power on and make sure preloader is dead (updates remove preloader). Do you have bootmii as boot2? If you do when you power on your dvd drive will flash twice quickly. I'm moving this to the bricked section because that's what you've got. It didn't even say to install IOS70 in that guide. sigh.

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    ok i did what you just said and i'm back in preloader v.30 system menu v.481 ios v.70

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    Nasty tutorial. Why do things yourself when you can have someone else automate it for you.

    What I don't understand is anyone's desire to update to 4.2 in the first place, it's not like it's the holy grail or anything, or that the higher number is automatically better than the lower. 4.2 was designed to break homebrew and modchip functionality, a job which it got only half right, and then only for a few hours before we cracked it.

    You'll need to install System IOS70 and System Menu v481 again
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    Thanks first of all
    So the person i did all the other updates with had assured me that i should update to 4.2 since the new coming out games would need that to work properly.

    Now how do i install those 2 things again ??

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    [So the person i did all the other updates with had assured me that i should update to 4.2 since the new coming out games would need that to work properly.]
    I updated to 4.2 before finding Wiihacks and there are still a few games I cannot get to play right. I was just thankful there are 2 excellent guides here for a 4.2 mod Good luck if anyone can help you it will be these guys.
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    You could just go into the priiloader hacks and disable the "force standard recovery mode" hack. Unless you like booting into recovery mode every time you start your wii.
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    i have version 4.1 wii with priiloader. i cant load anything from priiloader. it says loading files and freezes then remote cuts of . in system menu same thing. no channels load no wads just black screen and fail remote. any help?


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