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Thread: Got my wii prehacked, want to take it into my own hands

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    Got my wii prehacked, want to take it into my own hands

    I love hacking and modding consoles. Since a modded wii costs the same as a new one, i was like wth i'm gonna get a modded one. It came with Neogamma R7 Rev14, a homebrew channel, and some other channels. Problem is, it's a Korean wii, according to the hardware box. But it plays all the games I bought for it and they're all english. Does neogamma make the Wii region free? Because i wanna buy SSMB but none of the copied discs work, so i'm just gonna buy a legit copy. I don't which version of the game to get (Region), so anyone know how I can tell the region of my console? Or will any region work?

    PS: the region free options in neogamma is turned off.
    PS again: Why doesn't mario tennis work? Tried a lot of copies with no luck.

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    Hi You can change the regon of a hacked wii.
    read this thread.
    but before you try doing anything has your wii got bootmii installed or a preloader. If not i'd sugest installing one or both and saving a copy of your nand just in case of mistakes. read through tutorials section for info on all of these thngs.

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    it might have bootmii installed, how can i check?

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    if you have bootmii installed as a boot2 when you turn on your wii it will go to the bootmii screen for a bit at least.
    Before doing anything to your wii yourself i'd read through some of the stickies on the tutorials section. from these you can find out about cios and probably work out exactly what has been done to your wii already.
    Also read about bricking in that section it is a posibility.
    bootmii if you can install it as boot2 (when you run the loader it tells you if you can) you can get your wii working again if you brick it.


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