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Thread: D2sun v2.02 dvd read problem

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    D2sun v2.02 dvd read problem


    I bought a wii 2-3 weeks ago; after opening I think it is a d2c2 chipset since the chip show gc2-d2c but the top has an extra metal moon on the dvd reader itself.

    To have a 100% solder free solution I bought the d2sun v2.02 with matching wii-clip but guess what .. it ain't working ..

    From what the dude who sold me the chip tells me the chip works fine ... blue led all the way but I can't play a backup ... dvd stops spinning after 2-3 secs and wii complains about a faulty disc.

    I tried both verbatims dvd-R and +r but result stays the same ...

    Anyone here has an idea about what I could do? Would another modchip solve my problem or is the problem due to the bitchy dvdreader in the wii itself?

    Any recommandation bout other dvd media to try? Or is the problem elsewhere?

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    Sorry I'm not familiar with issues/solutions for D2Sun, but have tried buring on Verbatim DVD-R with IMGBurn at 4x speed?

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    Burned the verbatim + and -R on 2x or 4x with nero ... trying a +r on 2x with imgburn right now ... will have to look for -R ... ain't got any left lol


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