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Thread: japanese Wii

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    japanese Wii

    i have a japanese just wondered if theres any way of changing the menu languages to english?! only cant get into settings to change anything

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    Sure, that is not difficult. Have you softmodded your wii, install cios?

    You can start downloading
    anyregion changer mod06 for 4.1 by qk offline
    password is QK.Mod

    If you have cios38 (ios249) installed, format your sd-card and put the above anyregion changer onto it. Load the app from HBC and use ios249. You will first set all of your settings to euro or usa, whichever you like, also set elua to read. Be sure they are all set as they should be, they push SAVE. Then below that install system menu 4.1u/e, be sure to pick the proper region.

    You have now region changed your wii.
    Use dop-ios-mod to install any channels you may wish to use, like shop, etc.

    Use "any title deleter mod db" to remove any jap channels you wish not to have.
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    Hi mauifrog. I'm pretty new to Wii. I have read a lot of threads, and still I'm still trying to put together some pieces of the puzzle... so, yes, I'm a complete novice in some Wii aspects.

    So, please, can I ask you to describe the process a little more?
    I have a Japanese refurnished console.
    It has:
    - system menu 4.2J
    - Homebrew Channel
    - IOS249 (or al least that's what Neogama says when I load it)
    - Neogama r8 beta 15

    All games play nicely; i'm only forcing NTSC on PAL iso's using Neogama.
    The only thing that is obviously annoying is to have al channel's and settings (Mii included) in Jap...

    I don't have an USB external drive; i'm only using a 1Gb standard SD memory to save Neogama default settings.

    Can you give me a more precise step by step guide?

    Thannks a ton.
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