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Thread: is verbatim+r are same as verbatim-r

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    Question is verbatim+r are same as verbatim-r


    tomorrow im going to buy new disks because my old one's dont work so i was
    looking around to see what is the best brand i seen a few times verbatim-r but my
    computer cant read or take -r they only take +r what's the differents and can i
    use verbatim+r will they work in a d2b wii and the mod is d2pro clip v4.


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    Here are some links that describe diferences:

    DVD-R - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    What is DVD? | DVD Media Format Guide

    I believe some people have got DVD+R discs working on Wii. It seems to be a trial and error situation to get the right type, brand and speed at which to burn.

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    I use verbatim -r printable media written on a pioneer burner at 4 x and have written a d/l +r disc and all have worked. Burned one disc tayio yuden printable -r and it worked. I use sony disks -r for the storage burn and they all work.

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    I tend to only use -R for game backups. I tend to use Discs with TYG02, TYG03 or Ritek GO5 dyes and they tend to always work flawlessly. I also get cheap brands for DVDs and Data DVDs to store Videos on etc. The Data DVDs with videos work fine on my XBOX with the Xbox Media Center but these tend to fail alot for using as Game Discs.
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