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Thread: Wii Banner Bick Help?????????????????

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    Wii Banner Bick Help?????????????????

    Problem: after installing a apparently bad wad for neogamma r5. After Wii restarts, pressed A after health screen, went complete black. No preloader, have bootmii, but not as boo2.

    I got gamecube controllers. What do i have to do to unbrick it. Thanks a lot.

    I have New Super Mario Brothers for WII. and Smash Brothers for gamecube.

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    First cross your fingers, boot the wii and hold + and - and the health screen, then push A a few times while holding. If your god loves you, your wii will boot and you can uninstall the bad wad.

    Unfortunately, that probably will not work. Not installing preloader was a bad idea, as it would be perfect for this situation. So without preloader, you will not be able to fix this wii without a modchip, preconfigured to autoboot.

    With a modchip set to autoboot, you may be able to do the following-

    If you patched your system ios, you can use autoboot recovery disks. If you did not, they will not work.

    If you installed indiana PWNS, you can use that to load apps, without a patched ios.

    If you did not do the above, you will need many many many games that have large save files, install channels and DLC. You can use those to file your nand full of crap, which would send you to data management to free up space. Form there you can bannerbomb the required apps.
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