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Thread: Black screen when loading NMH2

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    Black screen when loading NMH2

    I've tried loading NMH2 on USB Loader GX, WiiFlow 1.1, and a few iterations of Neogamma. I always get stuck on a black screen when I attempt to run NMH2. I've installed the corresponding IOS but nothing changes. I'm positive that the download file is fine as I've tried multiple downloads, cISO to ISOs. I'm on IOS249, rev 14, softmodded 4.0U Wii.

    Any ideas?

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    what region is it if it's NTSC-U have you tried turning on Auto Patch for the video mode cause i did that from the start for that game and never had a problem but when i finished the game i decided to see if it could run in different video modes and they all ended up with a black screen except for the Auto patch option

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    Tried that but no luck.

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    thx autopatch worked for me on mario sluggers lol


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