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Thread: Argon 1.8 w/Wii-Clip v2 Guitar Hero III USA Problems

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    Argon 1.8 w/Wii-Clip v2 Guitar Hero III USA Problems

    I installed an Argon w/Wii-Clip v2 in a friend's USA console and he's having problems with Guitar Hero III locking up. Apparently it happens at the same point every time. I thought maybe it was an Argon firmware issue so I updated to 1.8 (not sure what was on it before), but the problem still exists. Anybody else having similar issues? Let me know. Thanks!

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    Could be possibly a bad image that was burned. Have tried to get it from else where or reburining it on deffierent media at 4x speed using IMGBurn?

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    I forgot to mention that it's a purchased, not burned copy of Guitar Hero. Thanks, though!

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    If it freezes at the same point, have you checked the surface of the disc for a scratch or smudge effecting the reading of the game.

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    i've gone there, too. he claims there aren't any scratches on the disc. my next step was to have him take the game to someone with an unmodded wii to see if the same problem exists. short of that, he's going to bring it back to me to remove the chip. i guess i can have him bring the game to me. i also have a burned version (no guitar so I can't play it anyway) that i can probably lend him to try. i was just wondering if anybody had heard of any such thing with the argon. i guess from these replies, there hasn't been any particular issue with gh3.

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    It looks like the disc have a manufacture defect, or the argon is sending wrong signals to the drive and making the laser go crazy when picking up the data. (cause i've seen this in the past)
    Thanks everyone for the great support.
    Hope to hear from you soon, cause i'm getting ready to retire from the modding scene.
    Gonna start a new profession.

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    looks like it was a bad original disc as a backup i made seemed to work fine.


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