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Thread: im getting error (cant read discs)

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    im getting error (cant read discs)


    i got a d2pro clip v4 installed in a d2b, ok i downloaded about 4 games now and non of them are working i installed
    nero 8
    alchol 120%
    clone cd

    i done the speed at 1x 2x 2.4x 3x and non of them are working i tried the 4x but i get a clicking sound coming from the wii i forgot to mention with 2x 2.4x and 3x i get a picture and i click start and it gets to the safety screen and after that the error comes up "error cant read disc please read the manuals for more information" something like that comes up.

    please help me i really need these games to work. sorry for my bad spelling.
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    The following thread may have some answers for you.

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    thanks for the reply but no it does not solve my problem


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