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Thread: RB2 / GH DLC Hack Issue

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    Exclamation RB2 / GH DLC Hack Issue

    Hi all,

    I have a PAL wii on 4.0E with Sandisk 2Gb SD, i followed the guide on unlocking the DLC for Rock Band & Gutiar Hero games and it seemed to work.... i downloaded some songs and it moved them on the SD card... how ever the next time i loaded RB2 it said "there is some songs on the wii system memory and they need to be moved to the SD card." so i let it do it again and it let me play.....

    I then downloaded some more songs and it did work and again copied them to the SD card after downloading. i then played and rebooted the wii.

    I then got a message on the when starting up the console "Wii system memory full please delete ... blar blar." it then automatically sent me into the setting menu, i went to memory, wii & SD, them=n the console Hung...

    rebooted and same thing happened. i had to do a format wiisystem memory from the settings menu and i lost all my channels THE LOT......

    Fortunatley i was able to reinstall Homebrew and i have now got my system back working and i have installed the hacks again i went into GH5 and downloaded a track and it asked where to save it to and i put SD it then downloaded and put it on the SD card but it says it is still on the Wii in GH5! i pulled out the SD card and went to delete the track in GH5 it said it done it but the wii icon still showed....

    I do not want to download any more tracks untill i can remove them from the wii system memory.... i rebooted and went into settings and memory and when selecting wii & SD it hung. tried removing SD card but still Hangs! shiter.....

    Anyone else had this issue????

    this happends booting off HD & DVD.....

    or does anyone know of a app that can let you search your wii system memory and let you delete content???
    and does anyone know where on the wii sys mem dled content is saved???

    Hope someone can help..


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    Hello All i have solved the issue, i ran the waninkoko firmware updater from 4.0e to 4.1e and it does not crash now when i enter the wii memory in system menu and it let me delete the DLC from there!


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