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Thread: FS: Official Wii-Key

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    FS: Official Wii-Key

    I had ordered a Wii-Key a while back, but never had the balls to install it. Since then i ordered a Wii-Key already attached and programed with a Wii-Clip from , I have this extra wii-key for sale. Im located in the U.S., if you want it...$20.00 shipped. Prefer Pay-Pal..thanks

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    Waaaahaaaaaa!! All of these prices make me feel horrible about how much I paid for my chip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex209 View Post
    any pics??
    HERE YOU GO.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Mod View Post
    Holy fruits!!!!!!!it is the gold pad version!!!!!......that is a bargain of a lifetime!!!!!!!
    whats the big deal so what its gold

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Mod View Post
    the gold pad version is the most hard to get version cause other companies sell only the silver pad version, and if they do have the gold pad edition, it sells pretty hot. Plus the gold edition way more stable to the silver pad edition. That's why.
    Well Gold looks nice now

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    the gold edition wiikey has been around forever. the silver pad ones were pretty much clones for the longest time, but even the clones now have gold pads so not really a good determining factor anymore :-/
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