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Thread: IOS what?

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    Question IOS what?

    Can someone explain me what an IOS is.

    What i think I know:
    You need these installed to play certain games.

    i have questions like
    where do i download them or install them
    Do i need them installed if im loading games off of usb loader (i think yes, right)

    explain anything u can thanks

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    Follow the IOS link in my sig and look through the articles linked at the bottom of that post. That'll be just about everything you ever wanted to know about IOS files, which includes the answers to your questions.
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    Read this for a detailed explanation on IOS:

    Loading a game is just one of the few tasks IOS were made to do. When the needed IOS is not present, the game will probably go into a black screen or send you back to the wii menu. To find out what IOS each game uses, check here:

    As for downloading them, you can download the .wad file for an IOS from NUS (Nintendo Update Server) and install it via WAD Manager. This shows you how to use NUSDownloader:

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