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Thread: A question about Neogamma R8

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    Question A question about Neogamma R8

    My friend installed NeoGamma R8 RC1, IOS249 (rev 17) on my wii.
    everything was right untill I needed to install a save on my wii, I went to NeoGamma -> rebooter options -> Remove Copy Flags: Yes. then I went back used rebooter,
    it rebooted with the hooks(don't know what does it mean). After it I went to the file manager -> data management -> Save Data -> wii -> "sd" tab
    tried to copy the save( don't know if telling that its Naruto CoNR3 helps) but it was still blocked....

    What do I do?

    (splained step by step cuz everyone that I asked it answered everything but what I needed)
    I really wanted this save working.
    (sorry for the misspelling I'm still learning english)

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    To install a save all you do is play game first and make a save.
    Then sd go to - private/wii/title and in there you will see code titles of the games look for one that has same title as game you have save file for. Replace your save file for one you want to add. wiisave has a note of all game codes if you need them.

    Your spelling is better than a lot of people who have lived in Britain all their lives, so don't apologize.

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    I've already done that, but it's still blocking...
    does neogamma unlock saves that are online blocked, I mean if you can play online it has an special block?

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