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Thread: Beatles RB on 4.1

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    Beatles RB on 4.1

    Hi all.

    New to drivekey and love it working very easily but now I've got an issue with Beatles Rock Band NTSC and Guitar Hero 5. My NTSC wii is @ 4.1 and I'm blocking all updates via the drivekey menu. When I put Beatles Rock Band or Guitar Hero 5 in my wii it says System Update in the little window and I'm afraid to click on it.
    I don't want to update my wii to 4.2 due to the issues I've been reading playing out of region games. I don't have my wii soft-modded and don't plan to unless it's necessary. I've been trying to find out the answer to this online but nobody has a clear answer. There seems to be some different kind of update that my system needs to take which is safe, but I don't want to find out the hard way.
    Anyone have the answer?
    Thanks in advance.

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    its safe. nsmb updates to 4.1, beatles rb is from a earlier release, so you probably only need an ios or something.

    and from what ive heard, 4.2 is only available via wiiconnect, not in a game

    if you dont trust it, download wiu 1.1 (google) and delete the update from the iso and reburn. maybe it'll work

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    yup you should be good.There is one game out right now that does have 4.2 on it.Its called endless ocean.The pal version.Dont know about the us version,but thats the only game that has it right now.

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    Thanks guys.
    I tried to run it through BrickBlocker v1.3 but it said that is wasn't a valid iso?
    Is wiu1.1 the same thing as BrickBlocker?

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    Remember you NEVER want to update a game if the Regions don't are asking to get bricked then. Eg update a Pal game in a NTSC system...and visa versa..


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    Ok, good to know....NTSC-->NTSC updates only.

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    I would update to 4.1 using dogeggs guide, install preloader and enable the block disc updates option. As far as you game problems, use the gh5 guide to get them going.

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    If i were you i would softmod its all i have and it works good my setup i think is

    system menu 4.1E
    Bootmii boot2v? i forgot which version
    neogamma RC1 with cios38 rev 17
    startpatch 4.1e for region free
    and cioscorp version 3.6

    and its working good try it


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