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Thread: Wiikey 1.9s Configuration Disk Error?

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    Exclamation Wiikey 1.9s Configuration Disk Error?

    I'm having trouble with the configuration disk... I already updated to Wiikey 1.9s and
    when I insert the disk and start it it says ''Disc Error. Eject disk and start console''...

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    I know this sounds like a stupid question but do you have a modchip installed?

    If so, have you tried playing a backed up game to see if it works?

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    Yes, sure... all backup games work... but there are some
    games that are PAL and ask for update. If I did the update,
    it will brick my NTSC Wii. So there's an option in the conf. disc
    to disable the updates, but the conf. disc will not load.

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    I don't know if it's a burn error... I burnt it with Disk Utility
    in Mac OS X at 8x with a Matrix DVD like I normally would
    do with games, but it won't load...

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    Don't know why you are getting that error, usually to do with media/burning, but the other option is to use wiu1.1 to remove the update from the game iso before burning.

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    Ok, for all the people who want to install the Conf. Disk:

    I think they resolved the problem at with
    the file, because before the extention on the file said
    '.iso'' and it was a .gzip file which one needed to
    decompress, but I think they updated the file, just
    being a rar to decompress to the iso.

    I'm going to test it to see if it works correctly...
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