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Thread: Advice Please! Is a Modchip D2CKey or D2Cpro a better option for my D2C Wii?

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    Advice Please! Is a Modchip D2CKey or D2Cpro a better option for my D2C Wii?

    I am ready to buy a modchip, but I'm not sure what would be a better choice. I have read a few things about the D2Cpro chip that makes me think the D2Ckey is a better option. I definitely DON'T want to solder anything (I don't even have a kit), and these 2 seem like the only compatible options. I'm leaning toward the D2Ckey, but I'm scared that there is a chance that it won't fit my Wii. I checked my serial number and bought it before March 08, but is there any SURE way to know it is not a D2C2 model, without taking it apart?? Thanks so much for any advice you can give me!

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    The two most popular chips are the D2Pro9v2/v3 (updateable via D2Prog(HW) and DVD(SPI)) and the Wasabi2/3 (updateable via DVD - SPI only). I don't think the D2CKey is updateable at all, although I understand its a solid chip that is working with everything to date.

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    Hmm, that's interesting. How important is it to be able to update the chip? All I want to do is be able to play DVDs and "backups" of my games (including .iso files). Also, is there a Wasabi chip that is solderless? I haven't seen one around.
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    Hi katie c s ..
    I have the chips in hand.. D2SUN, D2CKEY, D2LITE.. U name it..
    I can install it for you special price of the week: $100. chip included.. plus shipping
    which costs around $20. so it would cost you $120. total..
    Just passing by & letting u know about my services..
    Thank you..


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