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Thread: Game Channels - Black Screen?

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    Exclamation Game Channels - Black Screen?

    I download Animal Crossin: Lets go to the City.wad, Wii Music.wad and mario Party 8.wad as Channels.

    Ive Installed IOS38, IOS35 and yet i still get a balck Screen

    Wii Firmware: 4.2E.

    Thank You^^

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    Those games are disc based games, the wads must be the channels that exist in the Wii menu to waste your NAND space and make you think you are actually getting something worthwhile. I wasn't aware these games had wad channels but seeing as you seem to have them, maybe they do.

    I'm not wholly keen on disc based game channels as they add no features, used to have a Wii fit one that was a total waste of blocks.

    Not even sure what these channels run on. Just because the disc game of Animal Crossing supposedly runs under IOS38 doesn't mean the channel will.
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