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Thread: advice on making partitions on external

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    advice on making partitions on external

    ok so this is what i would like to do but i want to get some advice before i begin. So i got the usb loader, and snes, nes, n64, turbo grafix 16 emulators and others, when i made my external wbfs format i did not make any partitions for emulators for all my roms.right now all my iso are in 300 gb external formated with wbfs and it got 80 gb free i also have them backed up on 500 gb on my computer with all my roms on there to and its full. so my questions are:
    1) which partion should be designated for wii iso's, the first one ( I intend to have 3)

    2)and will the snes emulator roms work from the second partition?

    3) after i create partions, can i just click clone drive in wbfs manager and will it put the isoa in the right partion.

    i kinda nervous about doing this cause i dont want to lose everything. any advice is greatly appriceated

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    You dont need to make any partitions, you can keep the whole drive as FAT32 format,
    there is a clear guide here:

    GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial: Usb Loader

    You can keep all wii stuff in the same place nowadays. Read it through, it is not as complicated as it might look and it is easier than partitioning in the short and long term.


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