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Thread: Disc Read Errors?

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    Disc Read Errors?

    I recently got my wii modded by a proffessional, my Wii is the latest board and is updated to 3.3U and has the D2C Chip that fits on the latest Wii's. All my games(backups) seem to be working fine except for super smash bros brawl and pokemon battle revolution... for some odd reason those games give me disc read errors in the middle of the game. It starts up nice, works perfectly, but then at random times during loading screens it will stop and say that The Game Disc could not be read... What could be the problem? Does anyone have any solutions?

    EDIT: I buy my backed up games from an asian mall that is good with this stuff, it's kinda far from me so i want to see if i can avoid going back with the system to see whats up. I pay 5 bucks each game, and i think it's worth it cuz i'm really impatient and dont have the patience to wait for games to finish downloading XD. I also got my wii modded from these guys. At first, since all my other games were working i thought it would be faulty disks or whatever, so i went back and told them that SSBB and Pokemon Battle Revolution were giving me disc read errors, so the guy exchanged the games and gave me new disks. I came back home, played, it seemed to be working fine (SSBB) then when i was about to start my 3rd battle (classic mode), it gave the disc read error. So I tried Pokemon Battle Revolution, and by the 2nd battle it gave me a disc read error, by this time im going WTF!?. So i played another game (Twilight Princess) and it worked perfectly (like the rest of my other 7 games) for the 2 hours that i was playing with it. Then i go back to Pokemon Battle Revolution(which im currently testing) and im at about the 5th battle and it seems to work fine... but im not convinced that its completely fine now, and there's still the SSBB Problem.

    so does anyone have any solutions or anything? suggestions?
    help would be appreciated a lot!!

    EDIT: on a sidenote, to avoid making a whole new topic, to use FireFTP (i think thats what its called), do you have to have FireFox installed?
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    Issue with SSBB could be DVD media being used is not good, it also has to have the correct layer break and/or it could have been a bad image.

    As for FireFTP, if its a firefox plugin then yes it would require Firefox to be installed.

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    what disks does the asian mall sell?
    is the brand printed on the top?
    SSBB is really hard to burn, I read somewhere that you need nero to burn it and the failure rate is really high
    just go buy it if u want to play it so bad


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