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Thread: Pre-Burnt games..Unsure of the region? Plus LG drives..?

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    Question Pre-Burnt games..Unsure of the region? Plus LG drives..?

    I recently came back from holiday, [middle east], and got my PAL Wii chipped there.
    I don't know what chip is in it, and I don't plan on opening it up to check either.

    From the same place I got it chipped, I bought some games from there, they were around $6 each.

    Super Paper Mario applied an update, and I didn't even think of it bricking the Wii..I also got several other games, including Mario Galaxy.
    Since coming back, I haven't played any other games that I got, as I don't know what region the games are, or if theyve been brick-blocked/RegionFrii'd/whatever.

    Is there a way to scan the discs and find out what region they are? Or might I may as well just download the games instead?
    I know you need one of the 4 LG drives to rip them, but can you just scan them instead?

    Also, what about one of these drives, are they ok to Rip games also?
    # Hitachi LG GDR-H10NBLK (SATA)
    # Hitachi LG GDR-8082N - USB SLIM Portable Drive
    And can the 816xb drives burn games also, or only for ripping?


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    The 816xb drives are dvd readers only. The new rawdump 2.1 is supposed to work with usb drives.


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