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Thread: 3.3U firmware and Trucha signed games?

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    3.3U firmware and Trucha signed games?

    So I have been reading around that the new firmware disables you from playing trucha signed games correct? That means using WUM, Brick blocker etc..?

    But a few people posted that they can still use their games that have been brick blocked on the 3.3U firmware. How is that possible?

    Will my d2pro9 v3 allow me to play brick blocked games?

    And is there a way to tell if a game has been trucha signed when you download it?


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    Also, I jsut read that people using WUM to remove updates/brickblock are having no problems running those games on the 3.3U firmware.

    Can anyone confirm this? I'd like to downgrade to 3.2U but I do not have the homebrew channel. And im not all too smart when it comes to the TP hack etc.. to get the homebrew channel working..

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    Brick blocked games are not trucha signed, even scrubbed games are not trucha signed. Example of trucha signed games are Custom Guitar Hero with add/differen sound tracks.


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