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Thread: 3.3E Twilight Hack first or Mod First

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    3.3E Twilight Hack first or Mod First

    I've got wii firmware 3.3E I was wondering do I need to do the Twilight Hack and install the downgrader before installing my Mod Chip.

    Also, Is there any point staying at 3.3E as I gather more is playable on 3.2.

    Thanks for any help.

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    doesnt matter...twilight hack works on 3.3 firmware as well

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    What I was saying can you install Mod Chips on Firmware 3.3 Wiis or does it fail to install due to the new firmware.

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    Currently all popluar modchips (wiikey, D2pro9v2/v3, Wasabi2/3, etc) are working with 3.3

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    If i don't have version 3.3u yet, and have already installed the homebrew channel and some wiiware.wads .. can i still update to version 3.3u without problems?

    my friends has a lower than 3.3u version and is having problems w/ his wiiware games.. he said when he launches the game, it goes back to the health screen, then back to the channel menu..

    and some game gives blank/black screen.

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    some games requires the updates.
    ie. Wiiware Final Fantasy My Life as a King

    HBC/VC/Wiiware games installed before the update, and after updating to 3.3u, everything still works

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    Hello...have wii with 3.3e version...installed hbchannel activated by twilight hack but when I try to run backup games I get an error 349....what am I doing wrong? do i need to downgrade or install something else?

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    Those of you wanting a Wiikey2 or Wiikey installed....
    I have them available.... Check my ad for more info..
    Follow my signature... thanx


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