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    I have a D2B with cut legs

    I got Wasabi v3 with wii-clip

    Bridged USA, and D2B jumpers on the clip

    Green light but cannot see Resident Evil 4 burned

    Is there a specific way to boot the wii into the game?

    I used 2 GQ DVD+R with Imgburn on 4x and 2x

    What's wrong please help

    I can play originals alright but not burned disks
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    Sorry for the double post. But

    On the Wii-clip site, it says that if you're using a D2B you need to cut off some points.

    Does this mean that:

    I short the D2B jumper on the clip,cut off these four pins, and connect f to the board?

    If so, how do I cut off those four pins without causing irreparable harm to the clip?

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    Alright, I installed it successfully.

    I did not know that you had to still attach the F wire and de-solder those 4 points.

    Thanks for all the help, I hope to remain on this forum and help other people with their modchips. As people helped me. <3

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    lol ....nice to know u got everything working on ur own!

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    Yes, Well done.


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