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Thread: Atmega8l 8ai0606i

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    Atmega8l 8ai0606i

    guys, i have updated my US wii to 3.3U via WiFi, but then i can't play most of the new games. Some research on the net shows that i need to update the modchip firmware. I managed to open up my wii (took me 3hours as i need to DIY a tri-wing driver), and take a photo on the above. The seller told me that its wiikey, but then upon opening up, it shows the above ATMEGA8L, not wiikey.

    Can some1 help me identify what modchip is this so that i can update its firmware? coz i try loading some newer games, it always ask me to do a wii system update.


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    guys, pls help. i search the net and it seems that its the genuine wiikey. so can i go ahead and update to 1.9S? with the config 1.9 disk? thanks......

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    Just want to share...
    Before i opened up my wii (& took a pic & post it in this forum), i've already tried using wiikey update, wiinja update, even tried cyclowiz update.

    but each time, after the upgrade dvds running some kind of tests, they always say something like it couldn't accomplish the update.
    after that my wii doesn't change a bit. it still run exactly the same.
    so i think it is safe to try. at least in my case

    yours looks more like a wiikey to me. don't know if it is genuine or not. they say there is a lil bit different procedure for upgrading a non genuine wiikey.
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    Yes that looks to be a WiiKey chip. You should update it to 1.9s firmware.

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    i have searched on the net, yeah, it seems that its the genuine wiikey. ok, i have updated to 1.9S last nite, but its still the same as before, i wasn't able to play most of the newer games that i have like :

    Alone in the dark
    Wii Fit
    Guitar Hero Aerosmith
    Top Spin 3
    Dancing Stage Hottest Party
    Kawasaki Snowmobile

    all the above are PAL games. so after i update, all these games prompt me to do a wii system update when i load them. and as these are PAL games, and my system is NTSC, so i dun want to update it again, as i already updated online with the latest 3.3U.

    any help here would be very much appreciated.

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    Go to your Wii Settings menu, and do a system update from there and see what happens, if nothing comes up and it says your Wii is up to date, but the games still prompt for you to update, then just dowload the NTSC versions of those games... I'm not sure but there might some sort of PAL to NTSC converter or something for games... I think i heard something about it but i'm not sure... sorry =\

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    you should try removing the updates from the isos b4 you burn them with wiibrickblocker, wiu (wii iso utilities), or wum (wii update manager). try to dl ntsc games.

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    yeah, i confirmed that i m having the latest wii firmware 3.3U, which the wii says when i try to update it again. so u mean i have to remove those updates before i can play the games? damn......... i have to re-download everything? but how come previous games like red-steel, RE4, Need for speed, rayman rabbits, all these PAL games are able to work nicely? its gonna take me some time to download all my games again then.

    anyway, thanks for the info, will try to see.

    oh one quick question, if i were to use a game, lets say Wii Fit NTSC USA, and update the wii, do u think i can play the rest of the games which i have now and is not working??? (i.e. those in my list above)

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    the games that arent working are modified with trucha signed code so they won't work with the 3.3 update. lots of threads on this, just got to search and read.

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    hmm, would u be kind enough to give me a few links to start off with? if those games are not able to run, y u ppl download them? or is there a way to mod it? r u saying that we need to use wiibrickblocker to remove the game update process? thanks.

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