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Thread: Fixed my D2pro v2 with wi-clip

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    Fixed my D2pro v2 with wi-clip

    well I decided to tackle the wii after pretty much modding every other console out there, here's what happened, well I put in my wi-clip with d2pro9 v2 upon boot up I got only a solid red light, hmm, okay i got a little red wire in the bag and read the forums of how your suppose to short the clk so I did, then I soldered the J to the J on the mobo, booted up, red and blue are a go, but, when I put a game in it has a bit of a hard time I have to give it a nudge...anyone know what this is? is this what they call the inching issue, I hear of many fixes but does anyone know like what's actually causing this? burned my tiger woods game on a sony dvd dl, messed up, heh, oops, so then I bought some verbatim dvd+r works like gold, my wii is a version d2e, is this the latest? im sorry guys im new to the Wii i just got it with one game thats all I would appreciate all the help. so a D2pro v2 means the chip is a version 3 correct, and in order to go up I need a PROG? can I use the utility disc 1.6 without first updating the version or must I update the version first and then use the Utility Disc 1.6 ( and this fixes the inching problem correct) man I need help, oh well im not doing too bad I just burned my first backup,,,,any help would be appreciated...

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    Updating with just the 1.6 utility disc will not fix the inching problem. You will also need to update the Actel chip to 2.3 using the D2Prog programmer (Sold separately).


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