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Thread: need help on verbatim

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    need help on verbatim

    okay i burned my game tg2008 with a sony dvd-r and no luck, which one should I use guys and i have another question the size of the iso is 4,777,999, etc etc might not be the right numbers but it was a perfect rip, now do I need a DL or a DVD-RW?? will that fit on a 4.7gb thanks for the help


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    You need a single layer DVD-R disc. The only game that requires dula layer is SSBB.

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    burn speed

    your message title indicated verbatim but the text indicated sony media. in any case, it might be your burn speed that's causing the problem. i've used verbatim, hp, philips (all are dvd+r) with no problems as long as i burn them at 4x using the software Imgburn. when i tried the same media at higher speed, it never worked for me.


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