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Thread: how to use d2pro's utility disc?

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    how to use d2pro's utility disc?

    I bought my modchip from mod central.
    D2Pro9 V3 + V4C WiiClip + Triwing Screwdriver)

    just got it installed last Sat. after i installed it, it works fine, except everytime I turn it on, first time when you insert dvd, disc gets into the drive so slow, it moves inch by inch.

    I did a little research online. i think alot ppl have this problem, and call it "inching".

    d2pro just released new firmware and utility disc. upgrade firmware just too complicated.

    I just want to know, can you just download utility disc and burn it on dvd, but how do i use it to solve my "inching" problem. do i just run it in wii ? do i need to have homebrew channel to run utility disc?

    I am newbie, please help.

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    Actually two updates were released, one was the 2.3 firmware update for the Actel chip which requires the use of D2Prog JTag programmer (Sold separately) and the second is the 1.6 SPI Flash update which you just burn to a DVD and insert it into the wii and follow on screen instructions.

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    2.3 firmware update
    1.6 SPI Flash update

    whats the different? do we need both to be updated ? to solve my dvd "inching" problem. can I just only do 1.6 SPI Flash update ? firmware udpate just 2 hard for me. I dont knwo what to do.

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    There is a 2.3 HARDware update and then a 1.6 FIRMware update. 2 seperate processes. As is my understanding, the hardware update is for changes to the core programming of the chip, and the firmware addresses things like new games that dont work. Something like that anyway.

    You should install the JTAG cable in your wii when you install the chip and route it so that the end sticks out of the usb drive. Then buy a D2Prog and it is easy enough to update then. No need to open the Wii/take the chip out or anything.

    I don't think the 1.6 firmware update on its own fixes the inching. I'm fairly sure you need to update the hardware to 2.3.

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    if you can solder you can follow this fix
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    Is the Inching only with the D2c boards?

    What about a D2B?


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