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Thread: FS DMS NTSC Wii in Great condition pre-modded with Wiikey2 + WiiClip

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    Arrow FS DMS NTSC Wii in Great condition pre-modded with Wiikey2 + WiiClip

    Title says it all, im selling my Wii pre modded with Wiikey 2 using a wii clip, everything works 100%. The wii has a D2A/DMS drivechip (Most likely DMS - cant remember exactly which of those two but it doesnt matter theyre almost the same thing.)

    This hardmodded wii reads backups at full speed (6x) unlike the new D3 Wiis which are hard to mod and can only run backups at 3x speed, which increases load times and causes problems on many games (from experience).

    I will include the Wii and everything that originally came in the box, including the wii sports disc.

    In addition I will include a component cable for the Wii, and an official Nintendo brand GameCube controller (Black)

    The price is $260 shipping included via paypal only. I will only ship to the US! Any takers?
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    Good luck with softmods around xD anyway, are you selling your GCC alone?
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    no, sorry...

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    btw this console supports boot2 and is therefore basically brickproof from bad softmods.

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    price lowered to $260 shipped. waiting bout a week and then its going on ebay.

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    you can't tell people that its hardmodded on ebay. They will take down your auction. Try posting it on craigslist. Alot of people do it that way.
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    worked before you just gotta word it correctly

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    How old is this console?

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    What version of System Menu is it running and what are the IOS' updated to 4.2?


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