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Thread: SEGA releases new console.....sort of.

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    SEGA releases new console.....sort of.

    Taken from

    Sega gave the company, Zone 40, the license to produce a product with the “Sega” name on it. What did they come up with? The Sega Zone. It's as if the Wii and the Genesis had a baby, except the Wii was on a drinking binge while bearing it.

    The Sega Zone isn't really a succesor to the Dreamcast, but it is heavily rooted with the publisher and its name (beginning with Sega appearing in the title of the console.) The Sega Zone will launch with 16 Sega classics, as well as 30 more games from the publisher. The game comes with a wireless Wiimote replica controller, but it doesn't look like it will be a legitimate competitor to any of the big three (going for 80$ this summer.)

    The Sega Zone looks like a cheap wireless gaming alternative. Also, the console allows backwards-compatibility play of cartridge-based titles for the Sega Genesis, using a port on top of the console. It will be available in the UK this summer for 40. It hasn't been stated whether the conosle will be available worldwide or not.

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    Mote looks like a future electric razor

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    probably wont compete with the big three but it looks like it will sell to families looking to get there young kids a game console without spending big bucks.

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    What happened to originality? Wii copy? Sega can do better than that, WAIT, can they?


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