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Thread: Help with MH3 english patch

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    Red face Help with MH3 english patch

    *sigh* all I ever do is post questions and burden other members...but here goes

    I torrented an english patched Monster Hunter 3 game.after downloading, a readme file said the following:

    "To Play this on an NTSC wii you must first install cios 222/223 merged with 37 & 38
    So copy the folders to your SD card, first open cios222 installer in HBC and choose to install with 249. install 222 first with the option of 36 and 38. Do the same with 223 after you return to the HBC.
    You are now ready to play. If you are using a portable hard drive copy uloader onto your sd card in the /apps folder if you do not already have it. Personally I use
    USBloader GX.


    If you do not use Uloader you will not be able to change your name. It will freeze then and there. What I did was start my game with Uloader, saved afterwards and it works fine with USBloader GX
    If you are burning this to a disk you will have to do a google search for how to get past this issue.

    Thankyou for reading this, and thankyou for Seeding.

    I am poor (it sucks) and have no 8GB usb drive or bread to eat. I thought it was very irresponsible and lazy to simply tell people to "google it". It freezes at the beggining at the game, after the intro movie, after selecting the first option on the main menu.I have googled it and found several threads with issues with the same game, but are usually unspecific or other issues.

    Again I am very sorry for this, but please help.

    Thank you much.
    I wish my lawn was EMO, so it would cut itself.

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    Ooh sorry double post damn lagg

    moderator...would you please...?
    I wish my lawn was EMO, so it would cut itself.

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    Well let me first say this Ronaldo. I also came across this problem but I am new I just softmodded my first Wii yesterday and don't know what any of that means but lets figure this out. I agree that smart comebacks isn't helping anyone but you got to try first.

    First I assume you need to download cios app to your SD card so your Homebrew channel(HBC) can have that option to go to. Then install ios249, then 222 with some sort of option of 36. After 36 do 38. After the 38 is done hit the home key on the remote and go back in the cios app load 223 with option of 36 followed by 38. I can only assume this will work because it sounds like the same directions you posted.

    I currently play my games from dvd because I haven't been to walmart/best buy yet to purchase a external hard drive (HDD). And I only modded my Wii to play the jap Monster Hunter 3 so I am kinda mad also.


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