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Thread: USB Loader GX Wierd Problem

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    Unhappy USB Loader GX Wierd Problem


    I've recently started using USB Loader GX on my 4.2 softmodded wii, I have transferred some games over to my 250GB Buffalo USB 3.5" drive which is partitioned with a 130GB WBFS and 120GB Fat32 Partition

    I transferred the ISO's using WBFS manager and all the games seemed to work great, then I installed some games through the wii drive to the partition and since then the majority of the transferred games have either stopped working completely or in the case of wii sports resort they run fine up till when yous elect your event and then they just go to a blakc screen and I have to hard reset the wii.

    this also happened with just dance which I deleted and installed from the disc and now it works again.

    I tried deleting the iso games and transferring them over again using WBFS Manager and they still crash to a black screen.

    any ideas?

    I'm wondering if it is an IOS thing or if i something has gone funny with the configuration of the drive, I've also tried Configurable USB loader but that crashes too.

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    I've tried to run Pimp my Wii but it fails on every IOS it tries to install with an error -22

    can anyone help?

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    Us Same problem

    I'm having the same problem and i have done the exact same steps you have taken and still no joy ill be looking around for the answer though. if i find it ill let you know and if you find it just post it. thanks.

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    I encounted this problem with my nephew wii too.... What i have found way to fix it.....

    Uninstall the USB LOADER GX from wadmanager and then delete all the images in the image folder.... and i delete the global.cfg file and i delete the games.txt too seem to work as a treat....

    Make sure you download the latest dol and wad file (The one i use was 899.wad and 899.dol). Once u have installed the 899.wad and make sure u go into setting set the DOL to where you store the dol file.

    I believe there is 904.wad and 904.dol just came out... but best try the r899 i have seen people tested it and it works

    Another thing, i had similar problem with another wii (i softmods it for bro-inlaw), at my house it work perfectly, took it to his house hook it up to his PANASONIC 50" given dump code and blank screen. I quickly go through USB LOADER GX setting sets it to FORCE PAL50 it works as a charm!... I believe that cause by game isnt ALL PAL... but i dont know on my PIONNER plamas work with everything....

    Hope it helps


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    Did it try to downgrade your IOS15. I noticed a similar problem with Pimp My Will and wouldn't work till it downgraded IOS15. Be warned, some times it can brick your system to downgrade IOS15. I don't know exactly why, but Pimp my Wii explained it at some point. Also, try loading it with a different IOS or even try letting it use a fakesigned IOS to upgrade your IOS'. Let me know what happens.

    I had a similar problem where Crystal Bearers started to load to a black screen for no apparent reason. Then I tried Metroid Prime Trilogy and none of the doors would work. I reinstalled the games to the HDD and they worked again, but I can't help but wonder if it will come up again.

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    It did try to downgrade IOS15 and failed so I did it manually with Trucha Bug Restorer, then when I went into Pimp my Wii it said perfect on IOS15 but came up with a load of other issues which all failed with the -22 problem, I've tried using DOP to do all of the IOS's but that gave me a black screen with corrupt writing on saying my system menu was corrupt.

    since then I've replaced all the ios's again and got the system menu back but still the same problem in USB Loader I'll try Blackwinds fix tonight and report back.

    Thanks Guys


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