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Thread: Help please with "New Super Mario Bros"

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    Help please with "New Super Mario Bros"

    Hi all,

    Im new to the wii scene, but a bit stuck and confused. Im hoping someone can help me.

    I have a PAL console, chipped from a computer fair (im sorry i dont know what chip, havent taken console apart). Ive managed to download and play most PAL and NTSC games.

    I cannot get N.S.M.B. to work, every torrent apart from 1 will give me a black screen and a message saying to power off. The one i have downloaded only plays the 1st world.

    Someone has suggested to download neogamma 7 from here, and the game will work. Can someone please tell me where to download this from, and how to install/use it.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    You posted this in wrong section. Also rules say no torrent links are allowed.

    Best torrent site for what you need is

    Type in new super mario fixed or patched.

    Also use google to find neogamma r7/r8 WAD.

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    does it have a green screen when you load it up well then clik on my guide in my sig green screen one
    i gotz a soft mod wii,flashed 360 a hackz psp and a lost dsi with ak2i did all of them my self but i had help with the xbox!death screens help error 002 fix and green screen

    wads reboot your system

    what is a death screen? i call them death screens coz they ugly and horrible click on error if you get green or error screen and click on wads if wads reboot your system


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