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Thread: Can't load New Super Mario Bros game now!!

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    Can't load New Super Mario Bros game now!!

    heyy im from australia so i use the PAL New Super Mario Bros. My wii firmware is 4.0e.

    Before my wii was able to play this game but i wasnt able to play band hero or guitar hero 5. I then fixed my band hero problem with (the run from usb loader guide)

    but now, new super mario bros doesnt work anymore!! is there a way to fix it?


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    look on my guide with green sceen
    i gotz a soft mod wii,flashed 360 a hackz psp and a lost dsi with ak2i did all of them my self but i had help with the xbox!death screens help error 002 fix and green screen

    wads reboot your system

    what is a death screen? i call them death screens coz they ugly and horrible click on error if you get green or error screen and click on wads if wads reboot your system


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