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Thread: MPlayer CE

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    Question MPlayer CE

    Hi All,

    I have the MPlayer CE as a "wad" in the homebrew channel menu. However I want this to be displayed as a Channel on my wii home page.

    How do I go about achieving this ?
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    I think you need to install MPlayer via the WAD installer in HBC.

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    If Mplayer CE is showing up in homebrew channel then it is not a wad, it is a boot.dol, if you want a channel, the post above me states you need to find a wad and install with wad manager.

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    use a channel forwarder. search it on here or google it.

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    Hi there

    i have a very good animated mplayer channel forwarder if you want it? it's a wad install.
    PM me for download link

    Also got animated 3D spinning WD Drive for usb loader also
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