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Thread: SSBB not working

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    SSBB not working

    I have a D2Pro9 v2 flashed to the latest version (1.6?). It is booting PAL games fine, however it is not booting NTSC, maybe because im patching the image file with wii brick blocker? Is there an alternative to it, I don't want to brick my Wii.

    I'm trying to boot the SL version of SSBB with most movies ripped.

    Update: Forgot to mention my drive is D2C2.

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    how did you create the backup? did you enter the right layre break number 2084960

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    I thought the layer was only for the Dual Layer version?

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    what error message do you get? what's your system's firmware? If it's 3.3 it won't boot the trucha signed game, try using gecko os to boot it.
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