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Thread: ripping Wii disks in linux

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    ripping Wii disks in linux

    I am looking for an app that will allow me to rip in linux. I don't want to use Windows in a virtual machine, but I don't mind using a windows app in WINE. Does anyone have a how-to?


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    When it comes to ripping, I don't think it matters whether you have Win, Mac or Linux, although I'm not sure Rawdump is availble to Mac or Linux. But you would need either one of the special LG DVD Rom Drives, USB Gecko, or Homebrew channel with DVD Dumper 1.2 loaded to dump to PC (via network/wifi), SD card or USB.

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    I have the correct drive. I just need software for linux. Rawdump is M$ .NET compliant so it doesn't work in linux.

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