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Thread: d2pro clip v4 on d2b ( disc not reading)

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    Angry d2pro clip v4 on d2b ( disc not reading)

    i just got my d2pro today and i installed it everything went well i think
    but when i put a copy game in and it comes up unable to read disc but when i
    put a normal game in it works on the d2pro it lights up red and blue when i
    put in normal and copy game in so
    please help me.

    i used imagburn to burn the games at 4x

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    The experts may correct me if I'm wrong, but if you have D2Pro9v2 presoldered to WiiClip for a D2B Wii, then I believe the CLK Jumper on the clip should NOT be shorted/bridged. If it is then you will have to unshort it.

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    jbloggs is correct but the more obvious thing is to check if the copied game is burnt properly. solderless chip with d2b wii is pretty much a no brainer.


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