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Thread: wii disk burn?

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    wii disk burn?

    Hello im new to wii burning wondering what disk drive do i need to do it blue ray or a standard dvd burner?

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    Standard burner will work fine. You only need a special LG drive if you are trying to copy an original disk. I've been using Imgburn to burn my ISOs. It's free and can be easily be found on Google.

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    what type of special LG burner i need?

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    LG DVD Roms that can rip discs are

    GDR-8161b, GDR-8162b, GDR-8163b, GDR-8164b (and maybe a couple more)

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    I have LG 8082N which is a external USB 2.0 drive and it works great. Picked it up from eBay for about 60 dollars.


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