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Thread: USB loader GX theme music question?

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    USB loader GX theme music question?

    I am trying to add the music that comes with the SupermarioV2 theme download and can't get it going.. I go to Sound and the path is started there by the title has a -(dash) where the vitural keyboard doesn't. So I can't get it going. Also looked in the custom paths and can't see adding the sound there. it is probably pretty simple but just can't get it.



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    Just add the file in the location determined by your paths in USBGX. What I did was went to the paths option, noted what it came up with and placed my .ogg file in that folder, it then comes up as an option in thne relevant box. You'll have to forgive my vagueness as I didn't memorise the exact buttons and menu options I pressed.
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    Thanks tealc, got it going. I had to create another folder in my config folder on my SD card called background, then I placed the music file(ogg) in there.. then when I went into sound setting I could see that ogg file, then I just saved the path and it was all good.

    The problem I was having I already had a background folder that came with the download but had to relocate it so it lined up with the path... as you said.

    Thanks again



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