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Thread: USB Loader GX freezes while listing games (but loads them)

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    Unhappy USB Loader GX freezes while listing games (but loads them)

    I softmodded a Wii 4.1 last week and it worked fine all week, played games, loaded games, etc. Then I brought it to my friend's house, he loaded a few of his store bought discs into it and at the USB Loader GX screen it always freezes as you scroll through games, sometimes immediately sometimes it takes a minute or so. The games will all load and play fine if you pick them fast enough. If you switch to the wheel style view, where the cover art appears side by side and you can rotate through all the games, sometimes the freezing happens while scrolling and the games will rotate forever and you can't stop it without holding down the power. Home button doesn't work.

    I tried updating to the latest version of USB Loader GX but the problem still exists.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    Yeah get rid of GX I have had nothing but problems with that and CFG usb loader. Using wiiflow have never had any problems.

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    There was a case like yours earlier, and it was a cover art problem, he deleted the art that was corrupted, re-downloaded it and it worked ok.

    So it's a matter of tying down which cover it is, either by going through the art whilst in USB loader and seeing which one freezes, may have to go backwards then forwards to see if it is the same, or examining the art whilst the USB HDD is attached to your PC and going through them one-by-one with a png viewer, to find the corrupted one.
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