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Thread: Modded Wii with Games & Accessories for Sale

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    Modded Wii with Games & Accessories for Sale

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    Hey all, I'm heading off to school soon, and I don't think I'll be bringing my Wii along, so I thought I'd post it up here for sale if anyone's interested. I bought it early on, though not as early as launch, but it's got the old kind of motherboard. I installed the mod chip on it myself, the fairly uncommon Wiid chip, and I've been using it to play backups for a little over a year now. Since then, I've installed the Homebrew Channel with a few apps, many VC and WiiWare games, and even the recently released DVD-reading mplayer, meaning you can watch DVD movies on this console! This means this package includes all of the following games and accessories.

    All of the games are NTSC backups unless otherwise noted and were burned onto cheap DVD-Rs or RWs; some of the Gamecube games are on GCOS multiboot discs. I've not had many problems with the drive, but do know that the Wii is finicky when it comes to discs, so you may need to reburn a game should it become worn out. The included 2GB memory card contains many of the downloaded games that could not currently fit on the Wii's internal memory.

    I can put up a picture later on of the console and all of its accessories, but any information on them can easily be found online (a quick search). Please feel free to reply or PM me with any inquiries. I'm in Louisiana, but I could ship wherever, though domestic shipping would certainly be easier.

    I'm looking for $500ish, which really isn't bad considering all of the games and accessories. Controllers alone are pretty pricey, but still, I'm open to other offers. Just contact me and we can negotiate. I think Paypal would work best, considering the bit of buyer and seller protection it can provide. Thanks for looking!

    NTSC Wii with Wiid chip (includes stand, power and AV cables, manual, etc.)
    Two wii remotes
    One Nintendo nunchuck
    One Nyko wireless nunchuck
    Nyko Perfect Shot pistol grip
    Nyko wireless sensor bar
    Wavebird gamecube controller
    Wireless gamestop controller
    Classic controller
    2GB microSD card with SD adapter

    Boom Blox
    Cooking Mama Cook Off
    Endless Ocean
    Ghost Squad
    Link's Crossbow Training
    Mario Kart Wii
    Mario Strikers Charged
    No More Heroes
    Prince of Persia: Rival Swords
    Resident Evil 4
    Rockstar Table Tennis
    Sonic and the Secret Rings
    SSX Blur
    Super Mario Galaxy
    Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
    Super Paper Mario
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Retail Disc)
    The Godfather: Blackhand Edition
    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Trauma Center: Second Opinion
    WarioWare: Smooth Moves
    We Ski
    Wii Play
    Wii Sports (Retail Disc)
    Zack & Wiki

    Beyond Good and Evil
    F-Zero GX
    Mario Kart: Double Dash
    Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes
    Metroid Prime
    Metroid Prime: Echoes
    Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door
    Pikmin 2
    Pokémon Box: Ruby & Sapphire
    Pokémon Coliseum
    Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness
    Starfox Assault
    Super Mario Sunshine
    Super Smash Bros. Melee
    The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
    The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition
    The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

    Chrono Trigger
    Donkey Kong Country
    Donkey Kong Country 2
    Kirby 64 Crystal Shards
    Kirby's Adventure
    Mario Kart 64
    Paper Mario
    Pokémon Snap
    Starfox 64
    Super Mario 3
    Super Mario 64
    Super Mario World
    Super Metroid
    Super Smash Bros.
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Master Quest

    Defend Your Castle
    Lost Winds
    Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People

    Not entirely sure what's ok and not in this marketplace, but if I need to change or remove any of this listing, please let me know.
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    That is pretty rad, and I already have a Wii, but might be interested depending the the price you are asking. So how much are you asking for this package?

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    I was looking for around $500, but as I haven't gotten much of a response, that's certainly negotiable.

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    i would be interested in the wavebird and the numchuck if you decide to sell them sepratly to wiiwouldliketohack tehy are asking 500ish which is written at the bottom of the post

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    So when you say negotiable how much so? I want a modded Wii , but at the moment I don't feel like buying a chip and installing it or having someone else do it that is why this caught my eye. How low are you willing to drop for this bundle? I think 500 is reasonable but I am kinda broke so yeah lol.

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    for potentical buyers out there could you please post what type of mod chip you wii has, this will have a big impact to buyers

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    I guess I'd be willing to go down to $450, but I was planning on including shipping in that $500 tag, if that'd help sell it.

    Oh and re: jebise101, it's a WiiD chip (WiiD - Wii Drive Modchip).

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    don't make a mistake... inferior chip with inferior disc...
    sounds a bit heavily used with the cheap discs....probably intermittent laser death....yes I know old

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