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Thread: backup loader deleted from wii channel.

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    backup loader deleted from wii channel.

    Hi everybody. I am new to wii and modding. Would like some help. I have a Korean model (RVL-001) modded to Ver. 4.0u with homebrew channel 1.0.1, IOS36, V12.22. I deleted the Backup launcher from the channel list by mistake. (image of the backup launcher below) and am now unable to use the backup disks. Can someone help me with reinstalling the Backup Launcher again. Do I simply copy it to an SD card, insert it and copy to the wii console? Please help.
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    just download it again. it should be in .wad format and should be put in the wad directory on the root of yourr sd card. Now load homebrew channel and install it using wad manager.

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    how do I create wad folder in the root of the sd card. should it be in a particular sequence of folders?
    What is the link for downloading the wad file you mentioned

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