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Thread: D2 Pro 9 issues

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    Us D2 Pro 9 issues

    Hi, i have successfully installed my d2 Pro 9 into my wii and most games work except for Cabelas trophy Bucks, and Madden 09 will play for a while but whenev er I am in a game it'll work for a while and then not work. I also have some issues with some of the burned games working sometimes and not working sometimes. When I installed the mod chip I didn't solder the j wire, but it has worked fine without...I also have used the d2 pro v 1.6 utility disc to update the firmware d2pro : Resources. I am out of ideas I also hear drive clicking when playing games. All help is apprecited.

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    Was the CLK Jumper shorted on the D2Pro9? if not you should try that, otherwise you may have remove solder from the CLK Jumper (unbrdge it) and try soldering the J points. If you search the forum for "Drive Clicking" you will see the solutions others have found for this type of issue.

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    it can very well be the media youre using and the burner.

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    thanks for the help, but I am sure that it isn't the media. I have used taiyo yudens and maxell so I don't see why that should be a problem. As for the burner it is only a month old and is a decent burner. Any other ideas?

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    are they dvd + r or - r? people who use dvd +R usually get random disc read errors


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