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Thread: Any good tutorials?

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    Question Any good tutorials?

    I wish to understand more about WII hacking..

    what is the cIOS? What is priiloader? How does priiloader help prevent bricking? what is DOP-IOS? Only part I did understand from the Homebrew channel is NeoGamma, Wad Manager, and what USB loader is.. the rest of the options I have no clue. Also is it necessary to have WII Connect 24 off still for stopping online updates? Because this stops weather from working.

    Is their a good newbie tutorial that explains what things are and not just how to install them.

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    cios - Custom IOS, aka cIOS, are third-party IOS files that are installed on the wii. Most cIOS's are used for pirating.

    Prilloader - Priiloader is a modded version of Preloader. just like preloader, Priiloader places itself in boot sequence before the system menu. by this priiloader has the ability to:

    * patch memory just like StartPatch or Preloader. hacks.ini should be on the sd root(only once, they get copied to NAND) and can be found here.
    * save wii from banner & other kind of bricks that aren't ios/boot2/nand corruption related
    * start something else than system menu on power up (a dol file, bootmii, homebrew channel)

    DOP IOS- Dop-IOS lets you download and install any IOS from Nintendo servers. You can also apply the trucha bug to them.

    Trucha bug - he trucha bug is a faulty implementation of the cryptographic signature verification process that basically allows anyone to sign content that will work on the wii. It was used to initially get homebrew running on the wii.

    People patch it back into IOS's so that they can use things that were made to exploit the trucha bug. There is a lot of homebrew that uses it.

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