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Thread: M3DS Real and M3i Zero v4.7e X62 FirmWare Released

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    M3DS Real and M3i Zero v4.7e X62 FirmWare Released

    v4.7e firmware has been released for M3i Zero and M3DS Real.

    M3DS Real and M3i Zero Latest: v4.7e x62 -

    M3Sakura Ver1.45 X 5th -

    SOURCE - Download-HandHeldSources

    Change Log of 26-1-2010 4.7e x
    1.Solve the problem of adding the soft-rest function for Game 4663,4668
    2.Fix the compatibility of game 3819(Korean),4527,4658,4659
    3.Fix a problem of 4273

    (game tested up to 4675)


    Once again, you may want to install this package - FileTrip - M3 Sakura + TouchPod for M3 Real... 1.45X 5th + 4.7eX
    This package has the firmware v4.7e x62, and Sakura 1.45 bundled in one download.

    This is the official release of M3 Sakura (M21) for M3 Real and M3i Zero US/EUR flashcarts.

    This package includes Touchpod 4.7e X (M62) and Narin's cheat.db (updated 1 February 2010).

    1. Download and extract the SYSTEM folder.
    2. Place the SYSTEM folder in the root of your MicroSD card.
    thanks to Lenneth for that upload.

    Here's a link to other M3/G6 downloads -
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