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Thread: two hard drives

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    two hard drives

    i need some help i have all my wii game isos on a 250gig external hd and i am using the wbfs manager. i want to copy all the isos off of that hd onto another . is there a better way to do it than extracting each 1 individually and then placing it on the other hd. i see where it has a clone feature but not sure how it works

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    Use wbfs manager.

    Plug in empty hard-drive and choose its drive number like you did your first drive and format it with wbfs.

    Now with both hard-drives plugged in choose your original drive in drop down box so it is showing with all your games.

    At bottom click on drive-drive and mount your empty drive in bottom applet. And hit clone.

    This may take a while, depends on amount of games you have.

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    And that advice is intended with regard to your PC USB2, not via the Wii.


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