Hi guys,
i'm new on here and wish i had something less taxing to write on my first post.

i recently installed a drive key (yellow tag version) into my early us version wii, i used to run a wii key but due to living in the uk now figured i'd best put in the drive key for the sake of imports, bad mistake on my part

everything was working fine to start with on 3.2U but not realizing the big problems with the 4.2U upgrade i installed it from my NSMB disc.... since then nothing works, as soon as a disc of any region is inserted i get the "error has occurred" black screen. i get the same as soon as i try to enter the drive key menu or the wii shopping channel

to make matters worse i had just cleared my system memory before the install so no homebrew channel (not that i had ever used it)

is there anyting i can do? or do i just have a new door stop?

i was tempted to take the drive key out but as i'm new to anyting beside the simple things i'm lost for my next step from there, can i downgrade from 4.2U without it??

any help you guys could give would be amazing, i'm really stuck here!!

thanks again guys