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Thread: how do i get homebrew and a cIOS on a 4.2 wii?

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    how do i get homebrew and a cIOS on a 4.2 wii?

    hey, i was wondering how to get the homebrew channel and a cIOS on the 4.2 wii. could anyone help me out?

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    Click the Tutorials button at the top and navigate to one of the two 4.2 guides.
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    4.2 and cIOS

    I would start here for 4.2 softmodding
    4.2 Softmodding Tutorial

    I personally like the cIOScorp IOS installer. Its simple and to the point and gives you the cIOSs you need that allow you to be able to play most games that are out. I had a terrible problem with New Super Mario Bros and used the cIOScorp installer and it worked the very first time. Link below.


    I believe that there is a later release than that but you will have send an email to cIOS corp and it will send you a reply email with the link to download. You extract the files onto your SD card and run the installer and sit back and enjoy. I do however, strongly recommend that you read the instructions included with the download to know exactly how to do it and follow it to the letter.

    This is my humble opinion but I am enjoying playing my backups with no issues as of yet.

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