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Thread: Fakesign bug and Mplayer cios

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    Question Fakesign bug and Mplayer cios

    I got quite a few questions. How do i know if i have the fakesign bug? if i dont have it, how do i get it? How do i offline install the mplayer_ce usb 2.0 cios? sorry for all the noob questions

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    You should be able to find most of the apps you need to do offline installs from here....
    There is an app that I saw in the HBB that checks your IOS for you, cant remember the name off hand, when I get in, I will check and edit the post. Unless one someone else can remember. If you can get on HBC (online), I would suggest using HBB to find the apps you need.
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    from wiibrew........

    Installation of the cIOS with/without Wifi
    USB 2.0
    You need to install the USB 2.0 cIOS from here (Please note that this requires a internet connection). There is a offline instalation available, to read the guide, visit: here

    the "here" is a web site that no longer exsists .... tehskeen..... or has been down for a long time

    i wish i had that guide so bad

    this sucks if there is a offline guide but no one can acces it


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