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Thread: snes9xgx emulator control delay?

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    snes9xgx emulator control delay?


    I just installed the snes9xgx emulator and when i play games with the wii remote, there's like a 0.5 seconds delay between when i press a button and when the button is executed in the game. I mean, i press "A" and 0.5 seconds later, mario jumps.

    Do you experience that also? How can we fix that..?

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    change your batteries?

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    really? that's new to me.. when my tv remote is running out of battery, either it doesnt turn off the tv, or it does it on time.. there never were a delay :P

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    It's not like a tv-remote. It sends signal to the Wii through Bluetooth Wireless.

    Think about this:
    A TV remote sends data by flashing IR light. It blinks to send a code(similar to morris code but we are dealing with light instead of sound). The TV interprets the code into functions, such as channel up or channel down. When the batteries die in the TV Remote then the IR light is less bright. You either have to get closer to the TV or replace the batteries. The Light gets dimmer and dimmer until there eventually isn't anymore light.

    The Wiimote Sends data through a wireless connection called Bluetooth(certain frequency or something). It's like a radio tower broadcasting sound on a certain frequency(99.7 or 92.9). But instead sending data openly, like a radio tower, it sends it only to your Wii. Just like a wireless connection in your home. You can't just turn on the radio and receive the data sent by your wireless connection. Anyway, the Wiimote is sending data(computer data) to the Wii....
    ...and a TV Remote is sending data(as blinking IR light).

    TV REMOTE: Sense light is extremely fast it is sent instantly, no matter how bright the light is(due to batteries being low) it is still sent instantly.
    WIIMOTE: data is sent through bluetooth. It is almost instant but not feaster then the speed of light. As the batteries get lower the transfer speed of data slows.
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    Cool, excellent explanation.. but it's funny coz i recharged my batteries to the max and it stil does that (the delay).. Maybe my batteries are crappy..


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    maybe that is just the way SNES9x Wii plays.

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